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Ken Chase: An Ottawa WordPress Expert

Ken Chase - WordPress Expert

I’m an independent web designer and developer living in Ottawa, Ontario who specializes in building WordPress websites. I’ve been working professionally as a web designer and WordPress developer since 2004.

I take pride in providing quality work and personalized service: It's my belief that each project deserves my full attention and needs to be completed with integrity. In order to maintain high standards, I take on a limited number of client projects.

Partial Client List - Web Design and Development

Work History

Prior to becoming a freelance web designer...

I honed my web design and IT skills while living in the West Indies. I worked throughout the islands of St. Kitts and Nevis, as well as the British Virgin Islands. Those islands are really good teachers!

I also worked for the Government of Canada for five years. This taught me the importance of designing accessible websites. I left my government job once I felt ready to dedicate myself to freelancing. Here I am.

Other Activities


I take and edit pictures almost every day. Some people like them. The Ken Chase Instagram page features some of my work.


I'm also a musician and a songwriter. I do a lot of recording but I haven't been very good at sharing and promoting my music. Check out the Iona Mansions website for more about that.


If interested, you can find out more about me on my personal website. That's the main hub for all things Ken Chase.